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Special Events

Night of the Divine Feminine

This gathering is dedicated to tapping into the quiet power of the divine lunar energy to set intentions and manifest for the month. 
We will begin the evening by harnessing the power of visualization and creativity. Each month we will tap into a different creative outlet; journaling, painting, manifesting, finding new ways to create our own individual magick in the presence of a safe and nurturing community.  

Our asana practice will encourage our bodies to surrender into the gentle embrace of restorative yoga. Sink into supported poses that encourage deep relaxation, allowing the soft, gentle release of energy to flow through you. 
As the energy of the new moon envelopes the space, Reiki Masters, Lauren and Crissy will offer gentle touch and energetic healing, creating a harmonious balance within your body.  
Savasana will be a full body, mind, and soul immersion. Allow the sacred vibrations of a sound to wash over your senses, bringing you a deep sense of tranquility and connection. These vibrations carry healing energy into the most subtle layers of your being, clearing any remnants of the past, making space for all of your new blessings.

Our next gathering takes place on Friday, September 6th from 6:00 to 7:30pm. Investment: $44

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